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It's Sew Easy

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In sewing it's embellishments that are the extra step that takes us from ordinary to extraordinary. Angela Wolf is known for beautifully fitted jackets. On this show she adds trim to take them over the top with style. Then, Marie Zinno shares a way to make simple work out clothing into stylish day wear all with embroidery. Finally, the perfect accent is a couture detail. Janet Pray demonstrates mistake proof bound button holes.

Shapes, colors and designs by art masters can fuel your creative energy. Upcycling designer Michelle Paganini adds a touch of modern art to a refashioned shirt using three-ply reverse applique. Couture designer Angela Wolf creates her own embellished denim fabric with free-motion embroidery using a fabric frame.

Get more mileage out of garments with interchangeable looks. Designer and DIY expert Jane Monzures makes a cool apron from some favorite t-shirts. Redesign maker Laura Pifer restyles a t-shirt by adding bell sleeves. Joanne Banko adds a couture touch to ready-to-wear and jazzes it up with machine embroidery.

One little detail can make your project shine! Embroidery is the featured detail on our beautiful top with Angela Wolf. Next Cheryl Sleboda shares a cosplay accessory. Create gauntlets or wristbands perfect for Wonder Woman or other super heroes - it's the details of the closure that are perfect finishing touches.

Let's jazz things up. Fashion re-designer Laura Pifer transforms a t-shirt into a fashion-forward halter dress. Embellishment expert Joanne Banko shares her favorite tips for needle felting. DIY sewer Jane Monzures uses her favorite design hacks to refashion jeans for a runway look.

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