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It's Sew Easy

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Arrive on time and in style. Embroidery expert Eileen Roche embroiders colorful and cool watchbands to add style to any outfit. Using versatile hardware, Carolina Moore creates the ultimate travel bag with roomy pockets for all your take-alongs. Upcycle designer Michelle Paganini has a tip for re-purposing notions and trims from resale garments.

Convertible active-wear gives lots of easy options. Blogger Mom Caroline Critchfield stays organized with a colorful wallet made from fabric scraps. Pattern designer Angela Wolf creates zip-off sports pants that change from long pants to shorts. Angela Wolf shares a tip for trouble-shooting serger stitches.

On this show, piecework like you've never seen it before - as traditional quilting meets fashion. Think a little outside of the box as Angela Wolf makes a color block dress that's really just a variation on a large patchwork design. Then, quilter Jeni Baker demonstrates piecework on a smaller scale with a half square quilt perfect for beginners.

Our recurring theme is "let the experts show you how". What experts offer is that little something extra - maybe it's a tip, or an extra step, or maybe even a shortcut - but they have that technique perfected over countless projects and want to share with you! Janet Pray is our first expert with a wonderful technique for single and double miters the professional way. Then look at patchwork just a little bit differently with a biscornu - a type of pillow design demonstrated by Rebecca Kemp Brent. Finally, Angela Wolf creates a sheer fabric scarf using free motion stitching and stabilizer.

Be ready to go - anywhere, anytime. Sewing blogger and busy Mom Caroline Critchfield stays packed and ready with a handy bag made with clear vinyl and colorful fabric. Award-winning quilter Carolina Moore takes along paper-piecing projects so she can keep stitching wherever she goes. Alex Woodbury shares a charity sewing project.

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