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It's Sew Easy

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Travel requires that perfect combination of being ready for any weather or occasion with a minimum of pieces. Join Joanne Banko for a capsule wardrobe for resort wear, or just about any location. Tops, skirts and pants all coordinate for easy packing and wearing. Then Reen Wilcoxson has an "in the hoop" design - a cork bag that is lightweight and fashionable.

Let's play dress up! Cosplay enthusiast Cheryl Sleboda creates authentic-looking Steampunk accessories with contemporary fabrics. Designer Gretchen Hirsch shares a style tip for making miles of ruffles in a snap. Couture designer Angela Wolf redesigns an out-of-style jacket to create an on-trend vest.

We all need those versatile garments that can take us through any weather with slight changes. Lindsey Marsh has a blazer for any season depending on your fabric choice and features her 'burrito" seams for a professionally finished look. Then Mary Roediger introduces the use of wool appliques to add a decorative look to garments. Last is Angela Wolf and sewing the belt, and loops for the sleeve with the same technique and fun fabric.

Every wardrobe needs that versatile garment that can take you through the seasons with slight changes or additions. Lindsey Marsh starts with making a wardrobe to flatter and fit your unique shape by creating a muslin and how to choose the pattern and grade between sizes. Then Rebecca Kemp Brent shows how to transform your wardrobe with embroidered pendants and fabric beads.

Create your own upcycle wardrobe. The show opens with Angela Wolf and adding the finishing details to the trench coat: top stitching and hem. Then it's time to upcycle ties with your T's for a brand-new look with Londa Rohlfing. Honor memories and recycle too.

Let's go back to sewing basics. Sewing industry insider Janet Pray shows how to sew more efficiently and comfortably with good sewing ergonomics. Lynn Lunoe, sewing educator, explains how to use the feet and accessories that come with a sewing machine. Blogger and designer Heather Valentine quickly sews up a fun, fashionable and super-simple skirt.

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