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It's Sew Easy

Latest Episodes

Good fit compliments any style. Fitting expert Judy Kessinger creates a variety of pant styles from one pattern. Couture designer Angela Wolf shares tips for selecting and cutting out knits. Fashion and sewing blogger Gretchen Hirsch adds eyelets to create a lace-up bodice to accent the feminine shape.

Shape up your sewing with designs built around geometry! Even Angela Wolf is getting into our shape up, with rectangles that become tabs on the sleeves of our Sew Along top. Then Emily Thompson has an easy circle skirt for any size. Next quilter, Sarah Thomas creates projects from the flying geese blocks.

Show off your embroidery skills with great totes and jeans. One of the best parts about sewing is the chance to show off some of your latest creations. On this show guest experts give you lots of opportunities to be proud of your embroidery skills. First, Angela Wolf creates an embroidered tote with an amazing kaleidoscope design. Then, Eileen Roche has her own quilted clutch with embroidery. Last, Angela returns with a restyle of your favorite pattern or readymade jeans with embroidery embellishments.

Simple finished items are the base for today's projects. Our experts give them some added pizzazz. Eileen Roche starts out with a simple tee shirt - add some embroidery and it begins an amazing infinity scarf. Then, Joanne Banko has the secrets for embellishing a plain sheer wrap and turning it into a fabulous accent.

This episode is all about size - not what size you wear but each project uses relative dimensions to create our project. We begin with Emily Thompson and the tricks to creating doll clothes - you can't always just make things smaller! Then Michelle Paganini returns with a tutorial on how to turn an XL men's t-shirt into a fashion shirt that fits you! Last June Mellinger is back with a new block - the 9 patch - one of the most versatile and easy blocks to begin your quilt adventure!

Hit the slopes in style. Designer and fabric expert Linda Lee uses a specialty fabric normally used for envelopes and home insulation to make a warm, stylish ski vest. Then, put your feet up and relax. Sewing educator Rebecca Kemp Brent captures vacation memories in a charming tuffet, embellished with top-stitching.

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