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Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose Basel and Lucerne: Quest for the Crossroad

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Fri Nov 1st, 10:30pm
Sat Nov 2nd, 4:30am
Mon Dec 9th, 10:30pm
Tue Dec 10th, 4:30am
Sat Dec 14th, 4:00pm
Sun Dec 15th, 4:30am

In the 12th installment of his Emmy-winning ADVENTURES WITH PURPOSE series, renowned adventurer Richard Bangs follows the ancient trade routes from the Gotthard pass into central Switzerland, along Lake Lucerne, with a final stop at the port city of Basel. On his quest, Richard aims to uncover what turned landlocked Switzerland, the most mountainous country in Europe, into the crossroads of the continent, a hub for commerce, ideas, medicines and people.

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