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George Hirsch Lifestyle

George Hirsch Lifestyle

Chef and five-time author George Hirsch returns to public television to share his philosophy of bridging good food with good living. Taped in his Hampton home's indoor and outdoor kitchens, George uses his culinary know-how and well-honed techniques to cook up savory recipes for entertaining at home - from preparing an intimate meal for two to designing a menu for 30 people. He also embarks on mini-field trips to local community producers and suppliers in search of fresh ingredients and down-home inspiration.

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A home-style menu featuring America's favorite combination - a hearty tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich - is topped off with George's classic brownie cookies. At the Mulford Farm Antiques Show in East Hampton, George learns tips on searching for antiques and later by a local antiques dealer in search of a vintage piece for his kitchen. Recipes: - Tomato Soup - Grilled Cheese Sandwich - George's Classic Brownie Cookies.

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George visits a family-run sustainable farm, where eight hands grow food and raise livestock the way nature intended. Making egg dishes for any time of day, George prepares perfect scrambled eggs, double cut French toast, and mini egg custard pies. Then chefs George and Alex have an inspiring breakfast chat and chew on the farm. Good to Know Tip: Know your eggs. George's recipes: - Perfect Scrambled Eggs - Double Cut French Toast - Mini Egg Custard Pies.

An inspired George creates a traditional Italian menu of herb frittata, pasta with quick marinara, a time-honored meatballs recipe, and biscotti. An artist shares how art and food go hand-in-hand, and a local chef chats with George about finding new sources for inspiration for creating art in his kitchen. Recipes: - Fresh Herb Frittata - Nana's Meatballs - Marinara Sauce & Penne Pasta - George's Biscotti.

At his home kitchen, George whips up his sausage campagnola, herb flatbread pizza, and finishes off the meal with his chocolate torta. He visits the local Italian market to see made-from-scratch sausage preparation and fresh mozzarella being made. Recipes: - Flatbread Pizza - Fresh Mozzarella Sausage Campagnola - Chocolate Torta.

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George explores how corn farming is changing from generation to generation, one ear at a time. In the outdoor kitchen George prepares wood fired corn chowder, roasted vegetable pizza, smoked honey pear and cheese, and an inspiring corn bar. Good to Know Tip: A few corny facts. George's recipes: - Corn Chowder - Vegetable Pizza - Corn Bar - Wood Oven Smoked Honey Pear & Creamy Cheese.

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George tours a state of the art greenhouse that farms in the European tradition, cultivating hundreds of ancient heirloom micro greens in a socially responsible manner. In the kitchen, George prepares a hardy cauliflower steak topped with micro greens and a roasted rainbow carrot salad with green goddess dressing. For dessert, he bakes an apple berry crisp. Then George chats with Alex about the natural beauty of the East End of Long Island. Good to Know Tip: Cauliflower. George's recipes: - Cauliflower Steak - Roasted Rainbow Carrot Salad - Green Goddess Dressing - Apple Berry Crisp.

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