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George Hirsch Lifestyle

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In this episode, George samples a restaurant's five-star dishes featuring ingredients from its organic gardens. He stops at a local farmers' market where East End farmers and food producers provide sustainable fresh ingredients. Back in his home kitchen, George prepares savory vegetable dishes, including field greens and tomato, vinaigrette eggplant and squash gratin, and zabaglione with chocolate cake and berries. Recipes: - Field Greens & Tomato, Vinaigrette - Eggplant & Squash Gratin - Zabaglione with Chocolate Cake & Berries.

George makes a visit to Paumanok on Paumanok, which is the Native American name for Long Island and also the namesake of a world-class estate vineyard that has been farmed since the initial days of the region's wine production. In the kitchen, George prepares a prized picnic menu with wine friendly hors d'oeuvres and sweets while sharing tips and insights on wine. Good to Know Tip: Selection and pairing wine. George's recipes: - Deviled Eggs - Tuscan Board with Spiced Nuts - Oatmeal Cookies.

George visits a multigenerational, certified organic farm and kitchen with roots in Asian vegetables, now producing hundreds of varieties of specialty produce. George prepares good-for-you, highly flavorful shaved beet salad with orange ginger dressing, plus farmer's vegetable lo mein and sweet potato bread pudding. Good to Know Tip: Preparing a great salad. George's recipes: - Shaved Beet Salad, Honey Orange Ginger Dressing - Farm Fresh Lo Mein - Sweet Potato Bread Pudding.

George visits an historic bicentennial farm dating back to 1661, which is one of the oldest cultivated farms in the country. Then in the kitchen, he prepares a fresh berry & fennel salad with old school dressing, perfect roast chicken with cherry sauce and peach pie. Good to Know Tip: Selecting farm fresh fruit. George's recipes: - Berry & Fennel Salad with Old School Dressing - Perfect Roast Chicken with Cherry Sauce - Peach Pie.

Chef George tours a family farm whose deep roots hold a secret recipe for sustainability-horseradish, which the farm grows and grinds. Back in the kitchen, George prepares an updated well-seasoned creamy horseradish potato salad, hearty kielbasa berry jam casserole and a sour cream coffee cake pie. Then at a waterside tailgate, George shares the beauty of his hometown in Sag Harbor with his good friend Alex Goetzfried, a chef, journalist and award-winning photographer.

George pays a visit to a commercial fishing pack house, where the water's bounty supports not only a family, but a lifestyle. Back in the kitchen, George prepares sustainable seafood dishes from the sea, including sea scallops Mediterranean style, herb crusted cod, and the ultimate super sundae. Good to Know Tip: Successful seafood dishes. - Sea Scallops Mediterranean Style - Herb Crusted Cod - Ultimate Super Sundae.

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