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Between The Lines with Barry Kibrick

Between The Lines with Barry Kibrick

BETWEEN THE LINES WITH BARRY KIBRICK features thought-provoking interviews with famous novelists, distinguished authors, celebrity writers, top screenwriters, directors, musicians and award-winning columnists and journalists. Combining passion, insight and creativity, host Barry Kibrick brings a refreshing perspective, often surprising guests with his depth of understanding of their work. This season, Kibrick's guests include: Sir Ridley Scott, John Wooden, Carol Channing, Walter Isaacson, Erica Jong, Suzanne Somers, Robert Waller, Queen Noor, Walter Mosley, Peter Bogdanovich, Joss Whedon, Stephen J. Cannell, Michael York and Erik Weihenmayer.

Latest Episodes

Alvin Toffler is the internationally best-selling author of the classic book Future Shock. Since the publication of this seminal bestseller, Alvin and his wife Heidi have given millions of people new ways to think about and understand life in today's high speed constantly changing world. With their latest book, Revolutionary Wealth, they turn their attention to how wealth will be created and who will get it, providing readers with powerful tools to understand the new economy.

An insightful and practical guide to rebuilding the middle class in America.

An uncommon memoir of womanhood, work and family.

Anegella Nazarian is the co-founder of Visionary Women, an organization that brings together thought provoking thinkers to inspire others around the world. Now with her book, Visionary Women, she compels both men and women to reconnect with our dreams and visions so that all can lead meaningful and gratifying lives.

Arianna Huffington is a major voice in news and culture. She is the co-founder, president and editor in chief of the Huffington Post. Her financial success and power made it seem like Arianna had it all. However, there's another side to her story. With her deeply personal book, Thrive, she candidly opens up about her own issues and why redefying success is a must in order for us to create a life of well-being, wisdom and wonder.

How to use curiosity to do remarkable things for yourself and others.

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