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Between The Lines with Barry Kibrick

Latest Episodes

Jay Leno calls George Wallace the "Iron Man" of comedy. With his book Laff It Off! George not only continues to keep us laughing, but his words of wisdom also give us plenty of food for thought.

George Washington's Great, great, etc. nephew Austin Washington gives us an insider's look at what made George Washington great and the forgotten book that shaped his character.

Gillian Hadfield is a professor of law and economics at the University of Southern California. In our conversation about her book, Rules for a Flat World, we explore why humans invented law and how to reinvent it for a complex global economy.

Greg Brenneman is a visionary business leader and turn-around CEO specialist. As a CEO he brought new life to Burger King and Continental Airlines. As Vice President at Bain and Company he worked closely with Mitt Romney to turn around numerous companies. Now, with his book, Right Away & All at Once, he share his vision so people can transform their business while enriching their lives.

Homer Hickam is the award winning author of Rocket Boys, his memoir that was turned into the hit film October Sky. Now, what many are calling a prequel to his life, Homer delivers an epic tale, called: Carrying Albert Home, which takes us on a wild adventure that can best be summed up as a story of kismet.

How the movies we see can affect our lives with the talented actress Illeana Douglas. Illeana was discovered by Martin Scorsese and played roles in five of his classic films including Goodfellas and Caper Fear. Her book, I Blame Dennis Hopper, is a memoir told through the movies she loves and although very personal to Illeana, her insights will resonate with us all.

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