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Between The Lines with Barry Kibrick

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J.D. Power, with his book Power, tells how he and his company, J.D. Power and Associates became the voice of the consumer and shaped the auto industry by becoming the adviser, confessor and eyewitness to history.

How does one take a creative vision and turn it into a success? It's a question many of us ask in almost any field. One man, who has done that to the hilt, is my guest Jack Conte. Jack is a talented musician and now the successful CEO and Founder of Patreon, one of the most innovative companies on the web. And he's on a mission to help every creator in the world achieve a sustainable income.

Is it even remotely possible to understand the complexity and uncertainty in our world and Universe? Jack Hokikian not only believes we can, but that we must. With his book, The Science of Disorder, we get a scientific and philosophical examination on how The Second Law of Thermodynamics, that deals with entropy, affects us in all our actions and decisions.

Jackie Collins is one of the world's bestselling authors. She has sold nearly half a billion books in over forty different countries. Her twenty-four bestselling novels have never been out of print. With her latest book, Drop Dead Beautiful, she continues to captivate readers with her tales of the rich, famous and powerful, exposing all their warts for the world to see.

Dr. Zighelboim give us a most thought provoking book. With his insightful Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained, he explores why there is suffering and how we can experience sustainable joy.

James Darren was an international star before the age of 20. Known throughout the world for being Gidget's boyfriend "Moon Doggie" in all the Gidget Films he turned that fame into becoming a pop star recording artist and a serious director. We'll talk about his long and varied career and what he's currently up to these days.

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