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Between The Lines with Barry Kibrick

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In part one of my conversation with physicist Dr. Leonard Mlodinow, about his book Elastic, we learned why flexible thinking in a time of change is of the utmost importance. Now, in Part 2, he shows us the tools we must access in our minds to incorporate flexible thinking so we become more innovative and prepared for the future.

Dr. Nina Shapiro is a pediatric surgeon and Professor of Head and Neck surgery at UCLA. Our conversation about her book, Hype, delves deeply into a reassuring and scientifically backed response to many of the myths, yet firmly held beliefs, we and even doctors, have about our health.

Our world is rapidly changing in every level of society. Dr. Pippa Malmgren is an expert who meets these challenges head on every day. She is a former White House advisor and now advisor to the British Government. In her book, The Leadership Lab with co-author Chris Lewis, Dr. Malmgren explains what we must do to make a difference and build an empathic, stable and strong future.

Dr. Stewart is an acclaimed philosopher and bestselling author. His Book, Nature's God is about the philosophical beliefs of our founding fathers and the origins of the American Republic.

Ed Asner is the most honored actor in the history of television. He has won seven Emmy awards and over 15 nominations, along with his five Golden Globes. This legendary actor, known for his portrayal of Lou Grant in the Mary Tyler More show and then in his own series, discusses what it's like to age in the world of Hollywood.

Professor Edward Larson is a Pulitzer Prize winning historian. He knew that there was a library full of books about George Washington but, as a scholar at Mt. Vernon, he realized something was missing. He knew that a very important part of Washington's life, the years between his retirement from the military and his presidency, was unknown to many. With his book, The Return of George Washington, Dr. Larson gives us a landmark work that will forever change our understanding and appreciation for the Father of our Country.

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