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Travel with Kids

Travel with Kids

Explore the globe with two kid brothers and their parents on wild adventures through nature and culture and history. Plus, discover family-friendly attractions and activities. Parents share tips on traveling with kids, like how to get around on a budget, while the kids share all their excitement and fun! From the jungles of Peru to the great outdoors of Alaska to the ancient wonders of Europe, Travel With Kids is an offbeat adventure experience of family fun around the world.

Latest Episodes

Deemed by many as the birthplace of Western civilization, Athens is alive with history and a vibrant culture. The adventure begins as the Travel With Kids family boards on an overnight ferry from Italy to Patras, in the Peloponnese, and then a bus to Athens, where they check into a hotel on Syntagma Square, home of the famous changing of the guard. After roaming through the National Gardens, Nathan and Seamus discover the ancient Olympic stadium, where they race for gold on the track. What's a trip to Athens without visiting the Acropolis?

Experience the ancient and modern center of Chinese culture in the huge city of Beijing. Wander the massive open squares and tiny back alleys of the Forbidden City. Experience Tian An Men Square, take a rickshaw bike through the back Hutong streets where traditional Chinese homes and markets still stand. Visit the Olympic stadium and see what exciting crazy place the Water Cube has been turned into for kids! Head out to the Great Wall of China at Mutianu Gate where modern methods make it easy to get up to the wall, but wait until you see how to get down; by high speed coaster!

Travel With Kids adventures continue in Belize as the group of kids heads for the coast by small plane. One of the kids, an 11 year old girl gets to fly the plane. The kids explore Placencia, a laid back tiny village with one sidewalk and lots of coconuts. They meet a local Garafuna drummer who invites them back to their village for drumming lessons. The kids head to an outer reef to teach the other kids how to Scuba Dive. Go slow around the village in a golf cart checking out local shops and food stands.

You better Belize it! This Central American Caribbean country is packed with adventure and culture. From the quiet beach sand streets of the tiny island of Cay Caluker, you will find a slow pace of hammocks and bicycles. Snorkel with sting rays and sharks, hang out on the dock with locals, learn to fish, and visit a local school. Nathan & Seamus then head to the mainland to meet friends from home. Explore ancient Mayan pyramids accessable by a hand cranked car transport over a river and try strange local foods. Cow Hoof Soup anyone?

Explore the Big Island of Hawaii, from steaming volcanoes and lava tubes, to kayaking with locals learning about Captain Cook and Hawaiian traditions. Stay at a hotel with a fun family atmosphere with paddle boards and turtles. Snorkel near Captain Cooks monument and visit black sand beaches with turtles and a huge waterfall, plus a local market.

Nathan & Seamus take you on an exploration of the legendary island of Bora Bora. Swim in the sheltered lagoon with turtles and other sea creatures. Learn WW2 history and South Pacific legends. Stay in an over the water bungalow with a glass floor. Learn about turtle conservation and feed turtles at the shelter. Take a traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe to see how natives navigated by the stars all the way to Hawaii. Try local foods and hang out at Jimmy Buffets favorite hideaway.

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