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Craftsman's Legacy

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Thu Oct 10th, 10:00am
Thu Oct 10th, 6:00pm
Thu Oct 10th, 10:00pm
Fri Oct 11th, 4:00am

Weaver Jaunita Hofstrom wanted to have a place just for weavers to gather and pursue their love of weaving. She bought a little church around the corner from her house and started living that dream. Host Eric Gorges explores the ins and outs and up and overs of this traditional craft.

John Yothers builds beautiful and very functional wooden boats. Host Eric Gorges learns the proper way to blueprint a boat and also what goes into building a boat from scratch.

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Tue Oct 1st, 10:00am
Tue Oct 1st, 6:00pm
Tue Oct 1st, 10:00pm
Wed Oct 2nd, 4:00am

Let the chips fly! Host Eric Gorges and master wood turner Alan Hollar turn a wooden bowl in the Appalachian Mountains.

This episode is all about hoof to hat. Meet Maple Smith, a retired schoolteacher who raises her own alpacas, sheers their coats, and spins yarn. Eric gets out of his comfort zone and starts knitting!

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