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Growing Bolder

Growing Bolder

GROWING BOLDER targets people who believe, "it's not about age, it's about attitude. "The new lifestyle series finds and celebrates the men and women who smash stereotypes, promote lifelong learning and act as role models for active lifestyle and healthy aging. The co-hosts, veteran journalists Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer, bring a wealth of broadcast experience to GROWING BOLDER. In each episode, they introduce inspirational, optimistic and life-affirming segments about athletes, cancer survivors, musicians, actors, politicians, health experts, as well as ordinary people - all of whom share a common goal of growing bolder, not older.

Latest Episodes

Meet the unlikely swim team that is smashing stereotypes and world records. And come on a Growing Bolder adventure to Antarctica.

From the operating room to a race track, meet the surgeon who is chasing down all of his dreams and making the world a better place at the same time. Plus, the up and coming doctor who didn't get started until he was in his 40s.

Life doesn't always follow a perfect script. But that doesn't mean that you can't make the best out of the most difficult situations and choose to keep Surviving & Thriving.

Preserve the thoughts, words and stories of loved ones for generations to come. Plus hear a rare, extended conversation with the always outspoken Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.

Stop searching for the fountain of youth and start embracing the possibilities in your life today, tomorrow and for years to come. Start Growing Bolder!

Don't like where your life is headed? Get in the driver's seat and change directions. Plus, when you believe in yourself, you can move mountains.

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