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Beads, Baubles and Jewels

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Thu Jul 30th, 6:30am

This season is all about learning from the masters but we'd be remiss if we didn't also take time to feature some modern ingenuity. Katie takes a look at beads inspired by Monet as a nod to the past. Then Aja Vaz brings us into the current world with modern torches and making tube shaped beads. Then Katie is back with old meets new, as we look at new ways to set crystals. Finally Tamara shows us new and old loom types.

In the hands of an artist - even the simplest materials take on a new life. We begin with stone cabochons. Then artist Ashley Bunting uses jump rings and crimp tubes to make a simple chainmaille style chain with the most basic of materials. Then Katie creates a prayer mantra bracelet inspired by ancient art. Finally, learn the basics of fine silver metal clay and torch firing with artist Tamara Honaman and complete a necklace using just a pendant and simple leather cording.

Lauren Andersen, The Chainmaille Lady has a new take on mixing other materials with chainmaille, including needle tatting and premade cuffs. Lauren also shares a tip for making your own jump rings. Katie makes a beaded cluster bracelet in her Beading Lesson.

Designer Wyatt White shows how to use a special bracelet jig to create fun and fashionable wire bangles and custom wire components. In her Beading Lesson, Katie braids knitted wire tubing and strings it together with stones and fibers to make a chunky multi-strand necklace.

This season we're exploring how to develop your sense of place and how it influences our design. One factor we haven't touched upon is designing with a strong focus on the end product and its use. Today is all about cuffs. They provide a different surface and a design aesthetic based on their shape. Leslie Rogalski is first with centerline cuffs with a Native American design. Then Candie Cooper uses leather for her cuff design. Finally Tammy Honaman is back for another short lesson, featuring safety tips for working with enamel.

Express your unique designs by starting at the very beginning. Writer and artist Andrew Thornton begins styling colorful resin jewelry by creating his own silicone molds. Katie Hacker makes stylish bracelets for men in Katie's Beading Lesson.

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