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Beads, Baubles and Jewels

Latest Episodes

Add style, movement and interest to your designs. Multi-media artist Mary Hettmansperger adds personality, function and style to her designs with hinges. Candie Cooper returns to Katie's Beading Lesson with cute stretchy beaded rings that are fast and easy to make for teens and tweens.

In this episode we investigate peaceful pursuits - when the actual making along with the finished product give us a sense of peace and a calm. Kim O'Neill demonstrates a piece entitled "breathe deep for calming" and adding scents to a lava rock bracelet. Then meet Jill Wiseman for bead weaving - the back and forth repetition can give that sense of peace. Finally Kate Richbourg creates bead lariats in intricate patterns but simply constructed.

Create something to treasure. Jewelry-making expert and author Tammy Honaman creates a silver 3-D pendant with precious metal clay and then adds crystals. In her Beading Lesson, Katie uses flat wire and some of her favorite focal beads to make beaded bangle bracelets to match any outfit.

With tools from her craft closet, author and designer Eva Sherman shares clever ways to emboss metal to add new interest and detail. A well-equipped workspace lets you focus on creativity. Katie shows how to set up your workspace for maximum efficiency and fun.

Bend it, twist it, shape it, wear it. Jewelry designer Sandra Lupo warms up by bending and shaping sheet metal with a tool she invented. Then, she enhances the designs with patterns, texture and color. Host and designer Katie Hacker make a quick and easy charm bracelet to cool down.

Travel is not required to develop a sense of place, certain colors and materials might be the look you gravitate towards. This episode looks at southwest designs and its distinctive color palette and patterns. First, it's knitting with wire with Sara Oehler for a southwest look. Then meet Tracy Gonzales and a curved feather bracelet. Finally Kate Richbourg has a bonus lesson to share. Desert landscapes and warm colors provide today's sense of place!

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