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Beads, Baubles and Jewels

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Mix up your jewelry-making routine. Designer Kate Richbourg warms up by mixing colors and shapes in her bead palettes. She works out her designs with beads of all sorts. Then, she cools things down with techniques for crimping and creatively finishing necklaces.

Inspiration can come from a style, an artist, or the material itself. Today's artists get their creative jump start from wire. Our feature bead type is lamp work beads and soft glass vs borosilicate. Then, artist Brenda Schweder is back with a Calder inspired modern, wire art necklace. Then, inventor Wyatt White takes wire weaving to a new level making an intricate bangle.

Inventor Sandra Lupo uses the ancient art of wire coiling to make wire-wrapped cones for end caps, tassel toppers and other creative embellishments. Learn to create a Kumihimo board to create a braid finished with cones and a clasp. Katie shows how to make a riveted leather strap bracelet with crystals.

The right tools can unleash your creativity. Designer Brenda Schweder shows how to make wire frames and captures on a stationary jig. Illusion-style necklaces with crystals are easy and quick to make using tips and tricks from Katie's Beading Lesson.

Using new innovations and traditional techniques, inventor Wyatt White presents ideas for wrapping different types of wire to create a setting for a cameo cabochon. Using both vintage and new buttons, Wyatt shows how to shape wire to make rings and earrings. Katie shows how to stitch beads onto braided leather.

Wire up your jewelry-making routine. Designer Wyatt White coaches you as he uses braided wire to make a trendy bangle bracelet. In the workout, he adds energy and interest to a stylish cuff with beads. He winds down with a cool tool for weaving colorful wire bracelets.

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