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Beads, Baubles and Jewels

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Stephanie Eddy shares some of her secrets about Viking knitting - making a bracelet and ways to add beads to Viking knit. Katie has some special tips for making stretchy bracelets more durable in her Beading Lesson.

Author Laura Poplin combines the ancient art of leatherwork and chainmaille to make beautiful contemporary jewelry. Learn to make colorful dyed and painted leather rectangles and finish them into jewelry using classic leatherworking techniques. Laura shows how to connect leather pieces with Byzantine chainmaille weave to make a cuff style bracelet. Katie demonstrates a quick and easy cup chain bracelet.

Give your leather designs a real workout. Jewelry designer Katie Hacker warms up by creating a choker necklace with beads and leather cord. Jewelry-maker Jill MacKay cuts leather shapes and adds stamps, paint and beads. Then, she cools down by adding metallic effects to leather motifs.

Leatherworking has deep roots in the Old West. Author Melissa Cable shows how to create a rippled bracelet from a leather strip and embellish with beads. In her second segment, she creates a studded leather bracelet. In Katie's Beading Lesson, learn to wrap wire around stones to create a ring or bracelet.

Weave a color story with macrame. Designer Sandra Younger creates two contemporary bracelets with hemp cord, silver tubes and beads using traditional macrame techniques. Katie creates home decor by wrapping wire and using beaded chain to embellish a chandelier in her Beading Lesson.

Color adds an extra pop to any jewelry design. Designer and author Amee Sweet-McNamara blends her love of colors and shapes with soutache braid and tiny beads to create high-impact jewelry. Katie colors charms and pendants using permanent markers and alcohol inks.

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