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Beads, Baubles and Jewels

Latest Episodes

When the creative urge strikes, it's great to have the right tools at hand. Author and teacher Kate Richbourg cuts, forms and textures metal using hand-held tools to create a leaf-shaped pendant. Katie embellishes tassels with crystals to add a little sparkle.

Create your color story, then change it. With special wire-shaping techniques, author and crystal superfan Diane Whiting creates strands of beads and crystals that are interchangeable. In the Beading Lesson, Katie creates leather and bead bracelets that can be stacked or worn alone.

Stacking bracelets are today's hottest style statement. Jewelry designer Meredith Roddy creates three distinct styles of stacking bracelets to combine or to wear alone. Candie Cooper designs trendy earrings for teens and tweens in Katie's Beading Lesson.

Learn to create your own lampwork beads with swirls of color that are never repeated. Glass artist Tammy Rae Wolter shows how to form beads from glass and use them in creative ways for jewelry and accessories. Katie shows how to make coiled beads using colorful wire and crystal beads.

A key to making art accessible is to introduce it to our daily life. We begin with cast metal beads and pendants in our final bead inspiration. Then Jackie Truty introduces us to the technique of scraffito, using it to make plates to adorn our home. We end with Candie Cooper and a geometric bohemian necklace with a simple design easy enough for beginners.

Artist Catherine Bickford presents ideas for meaningful gifts, including the symbolism of color and design motifs. Catherine discusses the meaning and symbolism behind various design motifs and materials. She shows how to combine themes, materials, techniques and motifs to create a talisman necklace that has significance and well-wishes for the recipient. Fair trade beaded bangles are featured on Katie's Beading Lesson.

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