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Painting The Town with Eric Dowdle

Painting The Town with Eric Dowdle

In the fun, fast-paced series PAINTING THE TOWN, best-selling artist Eric Dowdle travels to destinations all across North America - from Plymouth, Massachusetts, San Antonio, Texas and Park City, Utah to Portland, Oregon, Cancun, Mexico, and Vancouver, Canada - in search of the true essence of each place. Dowdle meets the locals, explores their food and culture, tours the attractions and, through some clever "detective work," uncovers unusual pieces of history and quirky unknown facts. His research culminates in one of his signature folk-art paintings reflecting all of his experiences and the individuals he met along the way. Dowdle has created more than 300 paintings and each year sells millions of copies of his folk-art prints and puzzles. He honed his craft in his early 20s while traveling, exploring and painting around the United States and later, Europe, Africa, China and the South Pacific.

Latest Episodes

Baltimore "the City of Neighborhoods," "the Monument City," "Charm City," "Ravenstown," "B-town." As the birthplace of the national anthem and a former National Capitol, Baltimore is inextricably interwoven into U.S. history. Nestled on the Chesapeake Bay, come dip your foot in the Inner Harbor and the surrounding areas as Eric experiences the sights and sounds that make this "the Land of Pleasant Living."

Black Hills, S.D. - Long held sacred by Native Americans, the Black Hills are a monumental treasure not only because of the colossal stone sculptures or rich gold veins but for the land itself, its freshness, freedom, and history. This area seems to attract characters that add to its personality. The Black Hills still sing their ancient melody. Follow Eric as he listens and comes to know the parts that make up the song.

Cancun, Mexico - This is a magical, mystic land full of wonder. Cancun was rediscovered in the 1970's and developed as Mexico's Caribbean answer to the Pacific resorts. While the white sand beaches have become a relaxation and party mecca, just behind the clubs, beneath the beaches, and cloaked by jungle is the deeper history of the Mexican people and the Mayan mysteries. Come dig through them with Eric.

Charleston, South Carolina is characterized by a restless gentility which gives the city a unifying uniqueness. This is illustrated not only by the city moving location within 10 years of its founding (in 1670) but also by its key involvement in every war since the Revolution. With their own flair for talking, eating and living within and without paradigms, experience "The Holy City" with Eric.

Chattanooga is a Phoenix, not like the southwest city but the mythological bird. Through historical heartache and vicious warfare, the area has seen its share of hard times over the last couple of centuries even once being ranked as having the dirtiest air in America. But this industrious town found ways to transform itself, seize technology, bridle it, and use it to improve and dramatically rejuvenate the city. All aboard with Eric for a ride through today's risen Chattanooga, now a beautiful beacon of the southland.

New Orleans' history is a rich gumbo of colorful people and cultures. Eric explores this historic city with current residents who bring light to the mysterious and boisterous Big Easy, showing him a view of the softer side of a city known for its soirees. Join us as we give the Crescent City a new definition of "Painting the Town."

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