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Dining with the Chef

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In this episode, we'll be taking a look at donburi rice bowls, a traditional Japanese fast food, great for all sorts of situations! First, we'll be making a hearty rice bowl topped with seafood kakiage, a type of mixed tempura. We'll share tips to help you easily fry it perfectly at home. Our second rice bowl is a healthy twist on chicken rice, made with chicken and cucumber - ideal for a light meal or a late-night snack! We'll be topping our third and final rice bowl with a combination of egg and onion, for a pleasant balance of sweet and savory that makes a great finish to a meal.

Chef Rika prepares her special dry curry rice, made by stir-frying curry and rice together in a frying pan. Alongside the spices, she adds two secret ingredients: sushi vinegar and soy sauce. The dry curry rice is served topped with an omelet, for a wonderfully mild flavor when eaten together. Chef Rika also makes two side dishes: pickled cauliflower, and spinach and tomato soup. Both of these are simple to make, for an easy way to add more healthy vegetables to any meal.

Our theme this episode is deep-frying. We'll be making tempura, an iconic Japanese dish, using ingredients that come into season in spring and early summer. The keys to great tempura are a light, crispy batter and fresh ingredients. The great flavors of the ingredients are emphasized by deep-frying them in batter, for a delicious result. We'll also be making aka-dashi red miso soup with shijimi clams, which goes wonderfully with tempura. The shijimi clams give the soup a great flavor along with the red miso, for the perfect palate cleanser after eating tempura.

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