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Colorado Experience

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Colorado has been a leader in aviation since the early 1900s. From the Alexander Aircraft Company, which in the 1920s was the largest airplane manufacturer in the world, and Elrey Jeppesen, a young man who turned his passion for penning aviation charts into a booming business, to Emily Howell Warner, the first commercial female pilot, explore Colorado's history of Aviation and meet the inspiring individuals who have shaped an industry.

High school dropout, artist, Olympic athlete, Senator-discover all the identities one of America's most interesting leaders has adopted on his rags-to-riches journey - and why the most important name was the one he was given as an adult: Nighthorse.

Quench your curiosity and learn how thirsty miners started a "liquid gold rush" that began Colorado's journey to become the "Beer State."

Unearth the resilient story of the Denver Botanic Gardens, a once struggling attraction that persevered through grassroots efforts to become an architectural, educational, and scientific pioneering institution.

The 1910s marked the early years of tourism to Colorado's front range and quickly, promoters presented the surrounding mountains as magnificent park attractions. Today, 46 public parks make up the Denver Mountain Parks system, including famous destinations such as Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater, Mount Evans, and Winter Park. Meet those who had the foresight to preserve these epic spaces and understand why it is vital to preserve them for Coloradans and tourists alike.

After earning her physician's license in 1897, Anderson struggled to find work in Denver where people "didn't believe in women doctors." She did not let this stop her love of medicine and moved to Fraser, where she cured lumberjacks, tended to miners' injuries, and even cared for animals. Meet the tenacious treasure of Fraser, one of the first to practice medicine in the state of Colorado.

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