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Nature Cat

Nature Cat

NATURE CAT follows Fred, a house cat who dreams of exploring the great outdoors. In each episode, once his family leaves for the day, Fred transforms into Nature Cat, "backyard explorer extraordinaire." Nature Cat can't wait to get outside for a day of backyard nature excursions and bravery, but there's one problem: He's still a house cat with no instincts for nature. Like many of today's kids, Nature Cat is eager and enthusiastic about outside activities, but is at times intimidated by them. With the help of his animal friends, Nature Cat embarks on action-packed adventures that include exciting missions full of nature investigation, "aha" discovery moments and humor, all while inspiring children to go outside and "play the show."

Latest Episodes

Tue Jul 24th, 8:00am
Tue Jul 24th, 3:00pm
Fri Jul 20th, 8:30pm
Sat Jul 21st, 4:30am
Sat Jul 21st, 8:30pm
Sun Jul 22nd, 4:30am
Sun Jul 22nd, 8:30pm
Mon Jul 23rd, 4:30am
Thu Aug 23rd, 6:00pm
Fri Aug 24th, 2:00am

Ants Revolution - A surprise picnic for Squeeks turns into a cheesecake chase scene, as ants steal Squeeks' surprise dessert! Nature Cat and his pals try to get the dessert back for Squeeks, but watch as the ants bring the cheesecake down into their ant hill! Oh no! Tide Pool Tough - A day at the beach is not so fun for Nature Cat as he watches his pals having tons of fun surfing in the ocean. Nature Cat would love to join them but he is scared of the water!

Thu Aug 23rd, 8:00am
Thu Aug 23rd, 3:00pm
Sat Aug 25th, 9:00am
Sat Jun 30th, 2:00am
Sun Jul 1st, 6:30pm
Mon Jul 2nd, 2:30am
Mon Aug 6th, 6:30pm
Tue Aug 7th, 2:30am

Appily Ever After - It's Fall! Apple picking season! But Hal wants to know - how did the apples get up in the trees? An apple fairy? A magic spell? The internet? And how long does it take? Long time? Short time? No time? So many questions! That reminds Nature Cat of his all-time favorite nature story, which will help answer all of Hal's apple questions. It's time to tell Nature Cat's version of Johnny Appleseed! Sound Off - Man-oh-man! What's that noise?! Daisy keeps hearing the most annoying beeping sound and it's coming from across the lake.

Fri Jul 13th, 8:00am
Fri Jul 13th, 3:00pm
Wed Jul 18th, 6:00pm
Thu Jul 19th, 2:00am
Sun Jul 22nd, 6:30pm
Mon Jul 23rd, 2:30am
Thu Aug 23rd, 6:30pm
Fri Aug 24th, 2:30am

Breezy Rider - Nature Cat and his pals are enjoying a windy day by flying kites in the park. But the merriment takes a turn when a strong gust of wind blows Squeeks' kite up into the sky with Squeeks still holding onto it! Nature Cat, Daisy and Hal snap to action, chasing the kite to get Squeeks, tally ho! Swamp Thing - Daisy is determined to find out once and for all if the legendary creature, Swamp Thing, is real or not. Squeeks, Hal, Daisy and a terrified Nature Cat head out to the swamp to investigate the sights, sounds and smells to get actual proof if Swamp Thing really exists. Yikes!

Wed Jul 11th, 8:00am
Wed Jul 11th, 3:00pm
Sun Jul 15th, 8:30am
Wed Jul 18th, 6:30pm
Thu Jul 19th, 2:30am
Sat Jul 21st, 6:30pm
Sun Jul 22nd, 2:30am
Tue Aug 21st, 6:30pm
Wed Aug 22nd, 2:30am

Cave Conundrum - While playing catch, Hal's beloved flying disc Harold is accidentally flung into a cave. Oh no! Hal is so worried for his toy! Nature Cat, Squeeks, Daisy and Hal must venture into the cave to find Harold, and along the way learn a little bit about cave exploration. Daisy's Colossal Fossil - While digging in her garden, Daisy unearths a giant fossil, which belonged to a Wooly Mammoth! Wondering about what life was like back then leads Daisy's imagination to take over as she and her pals go back to explore prehistoric times!

Sat Jun 30th, 4:30am
Sat Jun 30th, 8:30pm
Sun Jul 1st, 4:30am
Sun Jul 1st, 8:30pm
Mon Jul 2nd, 4:30am
Tue Jul 3rd, 6:00pm
Wed Jul 4th, 2:00am
Wed Aug 8th, 6:30pm
Thu Aug 9th, 2:30am

Croak and Swagger - Nature Cat leads his friends to the pond for a day of listening to one of the most amazing spring sounds: the bullfrog croak! At the pond, amid the bullfrog croaks, the gang hears another sound: someone crying! Nature Cat finds the cries coming from Warren the Bullfrog, who is very sad because he doesn't know how to croak. What kind of bullfrog is he? It's up to Nature Cat and his pals to help Warren get his croak back! Puddle Pool Party - Squeeks is so excited because today she has invited her pals to a puddle in the woods for a Puddle Pool Party!

Earth Day Today - It's Earth Day today! Hooray! To celebrate, Nature Cat, Squeeks, Daisy and Hal go on a nature hike over to Butterfly Hills. But they don't get too far because they keep running into plastic bags blowing in the wind. Upon closer inspection, they see these plastic bags come from a local supermarket, so Nature Cat calls for a change in Earth Day plans. Now they will celebrate Earth Day by alerting the supermarket of their plastic bag problem!

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