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Nature Cat

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Fri Aug 2nd, 5:30pm
Sat Aug 3rd, 1:30am
Sun Aug 4th, 6:00pm
Mon Aug 5th, 2:00am

Plants Got the Moves - Daisy has being getting ready for months for the Animal Science Fair, which is later on in the woods. Man-oh-man is Daisy ready with her terrific exhibit, which shows how bean seeds grow. But before going to the fair, a gust of wind blows, knocking over her science fair project and ruining it. Daisy needs help to try and find another science project to exhibit at the Animal Science Fair and gets inspiration from an unlikely source: plants that move! Magnet Mania - You ever hear of Ole' Lucky the Lodestone?

Tue Jul 16th, 7:30am
Tue Jul 16th, 3:00pm
Sat Jul 20th, 9:00am
Thu Jul 11th, 6:30pm
Fri Jul 12th, 2:30am
Wed Aug 28th, 6:00pm
Thu Aug 29th, 2:00am

Playground-Palooza - When Nature Cat, Squeeks, Daisy and Hal learn that their city dog friend Sadie is sad because she really misses playing with her friends out in nature, Nature Cat has a great idea to make her feel better. They will bring the nature fun to Sadie right in the middle of the city! The gang loves the idea, but there is one small question: how are they going to bring nature into the city?! Small But Big - Squeeks is so excited because today is The Small But Big Art Fair, and she is making a small but big masterpiece for it!

Wed Jul 31st, 6:00pm
Thu Aug 1st, 2:00am

Return To Mighty Mountain - There is no giving up for Nature Cat and his pals. After failing to reach the peak of the Mighty Mountains, they are going to try to hike all the way up again! But this time, they have a surprise: help from an unlikely, yet extremely experienced, mountain climber to guide them - Granny Bunny! Welcome to the Vernal Pond - While playing in the woods, Nature Cat and his pals come across Fern, a spotted salamander who just so happens to be pregnant, and ready to have her babies!

Say it isn't so! Cousin Marvin and the marsh are in trouble - again! Something is stopping the water upstream and now marsh has no steady source of water and it dried up. Nooo! Without the stream water, animals have to move on in search of food. Nature Cat and his pals investigate and find... Ronald?! It seems that Ronald has built a huge water slide that is blocking the stream and he refuses to move it! It's up to Nature Cat and his pals to convince Ronald to do the right thing and save the marsh! / Granny Bunny has a wintery surprise for Daisy and her pals.

Wed Aug 28th, 7:30am
Wed Aug 28th, 3:00pm
Tue Aug 6th, 6:00pm
Wed Aug 7th, 2:00am

Runaway Pumpkin - Daisy has grown the biggest, most beautiful pumpkin and wants to get it to the Halloween Party. But getting this huge pumpkin there is easier said than done. Travel trouble isn't the only problem; their biggest challenge ends up being what to do with the pumpkins after Halloween. Lady Bug Tough - Uh oh, there is big trouble in Daisy's rose garden! The rose bushes should bloom into gorgeous, colorful roses but they're not, and it's all because of these tiny little aphids that are eating the leaves and damaging the roses! Noooooo! How do they stop them?

Tue Jul 9th, 8:00am
Tue Jul 9th, 3:00pm
Wed Jul 17th, 7:30am
Wed Jul 17th, 3:00pm
Sun Jul 21st, 8:30am
Mon Jul 29th, 7:30am
Mon Jul 29th, 3:00pm
Wed Aug 7th, 7:30am
Wed Aug 7th, 3:00pm
Sun Aug 11th, 8:30am
Tue Jul 9th, 6:00pm
Wed Jul 10th, 2:00am
Wed Jul 17th, 5:30pm
Thu Jul 18th, 1:30am
Fri Jul 26th, 5:30pm
Sat Jul 27th, 1:30am
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