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Fit 2 Stitch

Fit 2 Stitch

Fit expert Peggy Sagers shares her vision for creating a garment that fits perfectly. FIT 2 STITCH concentrates on 3 elements: design, fit, and stitching. Learn the rules of pattern making and how they apply to making a garment ready for successful stitching. FIT 2 STITCH joins its sister show IT'S SEW EASY inspiring viewers to make garments that they will love to wear and that fit perfectly. Join Peggy as she ventures into the world of pattern and style for the perfect fit!

Latest Episodes

Pack your bags for your sewing road trip with the 10 all-time best sewing tips to make sewing faster, easier and better.

Every trip needs a good map or GPS to get you where you want to go. Fabric expert Mathew Malek, a European fabric expert working in New York City, is our guide on our sewing road trip to Europe.

When you head outdoors, be stylish and smart. Learn to make an on-trend wide-brimmed hat. Then, with just two pattern pieces, make a cool cover up.

Are you attending a benefit for your favorite local charity or community organization? Learn to sew a variety of leather clutch purses that make the perfect fashion accessory.

Step beyond basic black and create a sophisticated formal look. Select narrow or wide stripes and sew a stunning skirt to wear to other events, too.

When you step out for an evening of live theater, add a little glamor with fur. Learn how easy it is to cut and sew faux or real fur to add an elegant look.

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