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Fit 2 Stitch

Latest Episodes

Peggy discusses the twelve items we need to take into account when making garments.

Fabric has a story. Peggy interviews a fabric importer from Europe for more insight. Then, she demonstrates how to marry fabric, pattern and body together for a personalized garment.

How do you design and make your own fashion collection? Peggy's guest is an expert on such, and shares key how-to's and timeless tips.

Fashion design icon Coco Chanel once said, "Garments are designed into their fabrics, not the other way around. In this episode, Peggy gives viewers a look inside the fiber industry that will change how they look at fabrics. She also shares information about some of the exciting things happening with fabrics today.

In this episode, Peggy shows viewers how to take the design ideas in the their heads and put them on paper. Viewers learn the basics of drawing so that they can communicate their ideas on paper and to others.

This episode is about bespoke or custom tailoring. Peggy shares details with viewers, who if they've never had any garments custom made, are about to get spoiled.

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