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Fit 2 Stitch

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Viewers who want to make the most of their designs will need to apply four basic principles. In this episode, Peggy teaches them the importance of line, focal point, color and proportion, as it relates to the body.

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Sun Oct 6th, 6:00am

Color is the key to great wardrobes, and Peggy believes the more viewers know about it, the better. In this episode, she reviews the history of color and it's important, as well as why the use of color as a designer is so important.

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Wed Oct 9th, 6:00am
Wed Oct 9th, 12:00pm

Peggy's favorite classes in design school were about pattern rules. And that is what she shares with viewers in this episode. As Peggy says, "Pattern rules lead to Patterns Rule!"

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Sun Oct 13th, 6:00am

Grading? Fitting? What is the difference? Peggy explains the difference in this episode and why both are so important to good fashion design.

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Wed Oct 16th, 6:00am
Wed Oct 16th, 12:00pm

Peggy believes fitting is the best part of the design process. In this episode, Peggy shows viewers how to make sure there will be no more pillowcases for clothing. She shows them how to turn that pillowcase into a favorite blouse.

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Sun Oct 20th, 6:00am

In this episode, Peggy demonstrates to viewers how to take a basic blouse and do some easy pattern making. She also shows how patterns change, step by step.

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