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Fit 2 Stitch

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Why do you choose a certain car? We all have our favorite make from sporty to classic but most importantly because they are fun to drive! Learn why fabric is the fun vehicle for your sewing journey.

What do cars and sewing have in common? Find out today as we begin our introduction to sewing. This season, we'll take you from the start, all the way to fabulous fashion finishes.

It's important to make a good first impression. Learn to use one jacket pattern with a variety of fabrics, trims and closures for an array of professional looks.

Try out a new fabric trend--sewing with lace. Learn about different kinds of lace and how to use them to add interest to basic garments.

You can never learn too much about LCD - length, circumference and depth - it's time to dig deeper into these concepts. Learn more about the importance of creating a muslin.

Peggy shares the secrets of working with leather - don't' be intimidated - it's more forgiving than you ever believed.

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