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Portrayal & Perception: African American Men & Boys

Portrayal & Perception: African American Men & Boys

PORTRAYAL & PERCEPTION: AFRICAN AMERICAN MEN & BOYS highlights positive profiles of successful African American men in a variety of companies and organizations, and explores how the media portrays African American men, and how society views them as a result. Topics featured in the seven-part series include: unlocking the keys to owning a successful business, instilling leadership in African American boys, pursuing careers in the fields of communications and medicine, excelling in school as teenagers, and volunteering as mentors. PORTRAYAL & PERCEPTION strives to inspire discussion, elevate portrayal, and clarify perceptions of African American men and boys in the community.

Latest Episodes

This episode continues a series that reports on African American men and boys in positive and mentoring roles. "Media Men" focuses on communications careers. Featured profiles include Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Tony Norman, WQED/PCNC/KDKA Radio host Chris Moore, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review photographer Sidney Davis, and social media networker Alex Simmons.

Though statistics and attitudes may show a slight narrowing of America's racial divide, the highly-charged racial incidents in Missouri, New York and South Carolina tell another story. In the culmination of a three-year initiative, hosts Michael Bartley and Minette Seate talk not only with community and law enforcement leaders, but with the generation of young men whose lives are most affected - examining accomplishments and objectives that remain.

Young African American men - as a whole - score below their counterparts in other racial and ethnic groups when it comes to graduation rates, literacy rates and college preparedness. Yet sometimes it is the success story that inspires other young people, and encourages community leaders to keep working for change. The tenth documentary in the "Portrayal & Perception" series showcasing positive role models among African American males focuses on teenagers excelling in school, volunteering as mentors and working hard to make a difference among their peers.

How do you teach an African American boy to become a leader? In "Teaching Success," three different approaches will be taken on the road to success: a program for young entrepreneurs and one of its star pupils; the commitment of African American educators at Pittsburgh's Manchester K-8 school on the North Side; and the Black Male Leadership Development Institute, a seven-day leadership training collaboration between Robert Morris University and the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh.

In this episode, Michael Bartley shows how local African American entrepreneurs, often overlooked by commercial media, are not only experiencing financial success, they are inspiring future business leaders.

The next episode of Portrayal and Perception: African American Men and Boys, looks at men who have made a career in the fine arts. The program profiles a classical musician, painter, playwright, ballet dancer, poet and arts educator, and explores some of the obstacles and accomplishments of each in his chosen field.

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