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Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi

Latest Episodes

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Tue Feb 11th, 10:00am
Tue Feb 11th, 5:00pm
Tue Feb 11th, 10:00pm

Mickela discovers the diversity and multi-faceted cultural history in the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur, from its Chinese, Indian, and Malay dance influences.

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Tue Feb 18th, 10:00am
Tue Feb 18th, 5:00pm
Tue Feb 18th, 10:00pm

Mickela digs deeper into the Portuguese colonial influence and the indigenous tribal communities in the Eastern part of Malaysia as she celebrates Gawai, the Harvest Festival.e

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Tue Jan 28th, 10:00am
Tue Jan 28th, 5:00pm
Tue Jan 28th, 10:00pm

Montreal's European history translates to its traditional dances from France, England, Scotland, and Ireland - Mickela gets a taste of this Old World feel at La Grande Rencontre Festival, while also experiencing the artistic modernity of this city. She also gets a first-hand lesson on dance for people with disabilities.

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Tue Feb 25th, 10:00am
Tue Feb 25th, 5:00pm
Tue Feb 25th, 10:00pm

Nashville, Tennessee isn't coined "Music City" for nothing - Mickela discovers the traditions of American music & dance in this vibrant southern city, from line dancing to modern ballet to old-time buck dancing.

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Tue Jan 14th, 10:00am
Tue Jan 14th, 5:00pm
Tue Jan 14th, 10:00pm

Mickela joins a Native-American Pow Wow with the Lumbee Tribe, digging deeper into the obstacles that a non-Federally recognized tribe must face.

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Tue Feb 4th, 10:00am
Tue Feb 4th, 5:00pm
Tue Feb 4th, 10:00pm

The world-renowned ball season in Vienna, Austria emulates the ostentatious lifestyle of the 18th & 19th century imperial family, the House of Habsburg, with its traditional Viennese waltzes. Mickela dons a gown in celebration while also learning the knee-slapping traditions of Schuhplattler in the hills of Steiermark!

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