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Tocando la Luz (Touch the Light) weaves together the lives of three women who are blind and trying to survive in a rapidly changing Cuba. Lis is a talented singer who wrestles with self-doubt and the pressure to perform. Margarita struggles to begin life anew after losing her beloved husband. Mily dreams of starting a family, despite her overprotective mother. From the music halls of Havana, a cinema club for the blind and a national singing competition, their stories reveal both the pain and exhilaration of fighting for independence.

Los Comandos: El Salvador - where gang and police violence rule the country with the highest murder rate in the world. For 16-year-old Mimi and her friends, refuge from the bloodshed can be found in a group of volunteer paramedics called the Comandos de Salvamento. But when the brutality reaches one of their fellow Comandos, Mimi must decide if she will stay and risk her life helping others, or flee the country and head north. Towards the North: Every year, thousands of people flee the extreme gang violence of Central America in hopes of a better life.

Juan Carlos ran away from an abusive home and lived on the streets of Mexico City before finding his way to a group home for abandoned and homeless boys. Here the staff ensure they receive education, training and emotional support. Follow Juan Carlos as he finds the strength to overcome his sense of abandonment and forgive his father for the past.

Georgiana Halmac turns 15 this winter. She lives with her six brothers and sisters in a social housing condo on the outskirts of Bacau, Romania. Their mother Liliana was forced to leave her family behind to go to Turin, Italy, to earn money. She won't be back before summer. During their mother's absence, Georgiana has been catapulted into the role of head of the family, responsible for her siblings. Her adolescence is cut brutally short. Caught between puberty and responsibility, Georgiana moves ahead, improvising as she goes. Phone conversations with her mom are her only guidelines.

An intimate view of life for the last compressor divers from the Badjao tribe in Mabul Island. As the Badjao's old way of life quickly heads toward extinction, Alexan-Mabul Island's last compressor diver-tries to pass on their traditions to 10-year-old Sari. He tells his nephew wondrous tales about their ancestors and the secrets of the sea, weaving truth and fantasy. Sari, however, is torn between becoming a fisherman like his uncle and living a more modern life on land. Modern civilization has been driving the Badjao off the seas between Borneo, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Women Soldiers: To See If I'm Smiling - Israel is the only country where 18-year-old girls are drafted for compulsory military service. Although not directly involved in armed operations, they offer a unique perspective on the strained relationship between Israelis and Palestinians. Each young woman speaks about what she has seen and done, how she tried to make sense of this world, and to reconcile the experience within themselves. Stripped of their army uniforms, it is clear that their two years of service has left an unforgettable impression on each of them.

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