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Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr

Latest Episodes

Bask in the beauty of Mother Nature in our gentle seated practice as you enjoy easy to follow exercises to stretch the hands, wrists, shoulders, upper back and legs. Each pose can be done gently, just simple stretches along with conscious and deep breathing are effective and powerful.

Allow the luminous water energy to recharge your body as we enjoy a dynamic flowing warrior series using a chair for support, focusing on strengthening the legs while opening to more space and flexibility in the hips, shoulders and upper back.

WGBY Create
Sun Apr 19th, 6:30am

Allow the dramatic lush mountain setting to replenish your body as we open to more ease with simple stretches designed to unravel tension in the shoulders and upper back, including a sequence of lateral stretches to create more space in the spine while deepening the breath and a series of gentle hip openers using a chair for support.

Bask in the glory of the majestic golden wheat fields as we experience a modified yoga practice using a chair to improve posture and support movement in the whole body including balance and standing poses to open the hips and lengthen the hamstrings.

Enjoy the magnificent mountain setting as we gently stretch and lengthen the spine in a full range of motion, helping to move energy while creating more ease in the shoulders and upper back, using a chair for support.

WGBY Create
Sun Apr 26th, 6:30am

Enjoy the blue ocean sky and rolling waves as we flow through an energizing yoga practice including a seated segment to strengthen the legs, abdominal muscles and lower back as well as a series of standing postures to tone the legs while stretching the hamstrings and hips using a chair for balance and support.

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