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Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr

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Bask in the deep silence of a lush wooded paradise as we create more grace and fluidity in your body using a chair for support, beginning with stretches to open the shoulders and chest, a rejuvenating modified flow practice, ending with a spacious hips and hamstrings sequence.

Enjoy the radiant summer sunflower setting as Sarah Starr guides you expertly through a modified yoga practice with an emphasis on alignment - dedicated to opening the full circumference of the hip-joints using a chair for support as well as gentle seated stretching for the upper body.

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Sun Apr 12th, 6:30am

Allow the dramatic river falls to inspire your yoga practice as we enjoy a warrior series designed to build strength and flexibility in the lower body while creating more ease in the neck, shoulders and upper back using a chair for support.

Allow the calming waves and sparkling sea caves to soothe you as we experience the gift of renewal through a series of tranquil, rejuvenating poses using a chair for support, including shoulder, chest and upper back stretches, hip openers, twists and more.

Enjoy the magical ocean tide pools as we focus on a revitalizing modified yoga practice, including seated stretches for the upper body and standing postures to stretch the hips, hamstrings and spine while using a chair for support.

Bask and breathe in the gorgeous sunset amongst a brilliant sunflower backdrop as we move through a gentle seated practice. Today Sarah Starr will guide you through a gentle practice using a chair for stability and balance. Enjoy stretches that link breath with movement, forward bends to free the muscles of the back, increasing circulation to internal organs, ending with a relaxing guided meditation.

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