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Articulate with Jim Cotter

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WGBY World
Sun Oct 27th, 12:00pm

Cellist David Finckel's life is filled with love for his instrument, for his wife and collaborator, Wu Han, and for the music he shares with us all.

WGBY World
Sun Sep 22nd, 12:00pm
WGBY World
Sun Sep 8th, 12:00pm

For STS, wordplay is a way of life. Moe Brooker has stared down adversity but says he's also been lucky. Dindga McCannon, "art quilting" pioneer.

Two artists are helping to reinvigorate the conversation about climate change by presenting its truth more...artfully. Brandon Ballengee's artistic practice and scientific research share a single purpose-to generate understanding and awareness of endangered species. Mira Nakashima continues her father's legacy as a master crafter of fine art furniture.

WGBY World
Sun Oct 6th, 12:00pm

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Balkrishna Doshi learned a lot about his craft as a bedridden 10-year-old. Actor/writer/director Josh Radnor and singer-songwriter Ben Lee were friends for a decade before they decided to make music together. Amy Seiwert is constantly pushing against boundaries-seen and unseen.

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