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Articulate with Jim Cotter

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WGBY World
Sun May 17th, 12:00pm

PERPETUAL ANDREW MOTION Tori Marchiony profiles former U.K. Poet Laureate Sir Andrew Motion. He's five decades in, and still finding room to grow. VIJAY IYER: KEY CHANGES Among the most highly regarded jazz pianists of his time, Vijay Iyer has made his instrument of choice an instrument of discovery. SUSAN CHOI: INTERROGATOR OF TRUTH Susan Choi's books reflect her skepticism of authority. As Tori Marchiony reports, she even questions the credibility of the characters she creates.

WGBY World
Sun Jul 5th, 12:00pm

MILTON GLASER: DESIGNING THE TRUTH The 90-year old graphic designer Milton Glaser has spent a lifetime creating iconic brand identities. Yet his first priority has always been truth. CAMILLE BROWN: THE PAST IS PRESENT Camille Brown is known for integrating African American social dance traditions into uniquely modern choreography. JULIA WOLFE FINDS HER PLACE The Pulitzer Prize-winner Julia Wolfe mines history to create her innovative experimental compositions. But it wasn't a given that she would be a composer- her first love was the written word.

THE CARTHYS: NON-TRADITIONAL FOLK The Carthy family has been at the vanguard of English folk for decades. And they're still leading the way. ODED HIRSCH: AT THE BORDERS The Israeli conceptual artist Oded Hirsch lives on the periphery- both philosophically and geographically. DESSA'S DAUNTLESS The rapper, singer and writer, Dessa Darling found peace with heartbreak, scientifically.

SARAH RUHL: SHE RUHLS The works of playwright Sarah Ruhl rewrite history, and document tragedies from her own life. MICHELLE DORRANCE: STEP BY STEP Michelle Dorrance is an embodiment of the history of tap dance- a uniquely American art form. RALPH STEADMAN: GODFATHER OF GONZO Along with Hunter S. Thompson, Ralph Steadman is the Godfather of Gonzo journalism- a famous irreverent form.

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