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Latest Episodes

The newly redesigned prototypes are shown to the mentors from the competition. The mentors give valuable marketing and merchandising insight. Professional marketing companies from around the United States are brought on board to create engaging product videos. The teams are brought in to help craft the marketing and merchandising ideas for their products. The products are getting closer to the rigors of public debut through crowd-funding.

With the prototypes ready and the marketing plan in place, the Make48 crew takes the products to the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. The products are shown to a select few buyers. Next stop San Francisco to meet campaign strategists at IndieGoGo a global online crowd-funding platform. With all of the feedback and the information that has been gathered the products are ready for their crowd-funding debut. Months after the initial 48 hour event the final prototypes meet the most demanding judge, the public. Only time will tell which products make it to market.

Launch of the 48 hour invention competition. Learn the product challenge. Begin to meet the teams, the experts and the mentors of the competition. Commence with the brainstorming process, patent searches, and more.

The teams go on a one-hour supply run in a hardware store to gather the materials to make their invention. Begin the prototyping process.

The inventor teams get their first round of expert industry feedback in front of a focus group. They continue to fine tune their prototypes.

The 48 hours is winding down and the teams are in the final stages of wrapping up their designs, making a product website and preparing their pitch.

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