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Latest Episodes

WGBY Create
Sun Dec 15th, 11:30am

Launch of the 48 hour invention competition. Learn the product challenge. Begin to meet the teams, the experts and the mentors of the competition. Commence with the brainstorming process, patent searches, and more...

WGBY Create
Wed Dec 18th, 11:30am
Wed Dec 18th, 5:30pm

The teams go on a 1 hour supply run in a hardware store to gather the materials to make their invention. Begin the prototyping process!

WGBY Create
Sun Dec 22nd, 11:30am

Our inventor teams get their first round of expert industry feedback in front of a focus group. They continue to fine tune their prototypes.

WGBY Create
Sun Dec 29th, 11:30am

The 48 hours is winding down and the teams are in the final stages of wrapping up their designs, making a product website and preparing their pitch.

WGBY Create
Wed Jan 1st, 11:30am
Wed Jan 1st, 5:30pm

Times up. Time to pitch and present the product ideas to the panel of real industry judges. The judges will then deliberate behind closed doors (with cameras of course) and the three winners will be announced!

WGBY Create
Fri Jan 3rd, 6:00am

The three winning products begin their journey to the marketplace. First stop re-design. The Make48 team will help the inventors identify and fix issues with their original design.

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