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Painting with Wilson Bickford

Painting with Wilson Bickford

Wilson Bickford is a nationally-known artist and instructor, who has been conducting painting workshops for over 20 years. Primarily a self-taught artist, his easy-going style has earned him thousands of satisfied students, thus proving his philosophy that "ANYONE can learn to paint". He works in Acrylic, Watercolor and Pen & Ink, with Oils being his personal favorite and most requested workshop medium. His painting tutorials on YouTube have received millions of viewings and he is the author of "Wildlife Landscapes You Can Paint" (North Light Books). This 13-episode series features a variety of different landscapes and studies sure to interest both the novice and experienced artist.

For more info: http://www.wpbstv.org

Latest Episodes

A hammock stretched between two palm trees on a tropical beach is the perfect spot to relax.

An evening summer lightning storm has the occupants of a quaint lakeside village hunkered down safely in their well-lit homes. Wilson shows how to create mood and character in a stormy sky.

In Part I, Wilson lays the acrylic under-painting and masks out the trees. This foundation will be followed by oil glazes that will bring this sunny summer birch forest to life.

In Part 2, Wilson follows the acrylic under-painting with oil glazes, enriching the colors and bringing this sunny summer birch forest to life. You can almost hear the crickets!

A beautiful bluebird has landed on a weathered picket fence, welcoming spring with his song. Wilson shows how to block out the bird and the fence, lays in the background, and begins the fence.

On Part 2, Wilson puts the finishing touches on the weathered fence and adds detail to the bluebird.

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