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Gzero World with Ian Bremmer

Latest Episodes

Guest: Ben Smith, media columnist, The New York Times. The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the reliability of all our institutions, including the news media. How should the Fourth Estate operate in this new normal? And how should it confront an unprecedented onslaught of disinformation?

Guest: Marietje Schaake, Stanford University. Protecting data privacy was a growing concern among experts before anyone ever heard of Covid-19. The pandemic's arrival has only made that conversation more urgent.

Guest: Sigmar Gabriel, German politician and former foreign minister. Ian talks to Sigmar Gabriel, formerly Germany's foreign minister and vice chancellor and currently an outspoken member of the Bundestag. And, Puppet Regime.

Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition. The special alliance that has bound the U.S. and Europe for nearly a century is fraying. Ian investigates the growing divide and then sits down with an EU official, a woman who strikes fear in the heart of Silicon Valley. Plus, puppets.

Guest: John Kasich, Governor of Ohio This week it's all about jobs and how automation is changing the future of work in America. Then Ian will chat with a man from the heart of America's Rust Belt: Gov. John Kasich. And of course, we've got your Puppet Regime.

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