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Kevin Belton's New Orleans Kitchen

Latest Episodes

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Fri Jun 7th, 3:00am

Traditional seafood boil; Crawfish bisque; Fried lobster with cream dill sauce.

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Mon Jun 3rd, 3:00am

Roast duck quarters with boudin squares and honey bourbon gravy; Roasted root vegetables marinated in wine and coffee; Asparagus woup.

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Wed Jun 5th, 3:00am

Fried artichokes with mudrica; Olive salad; Crawfish bread; Italian fig cookies.

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Thu Jun 27th, 9:00pm
Fri Jun 28th, 3:00am

Homemade granola with dried fruit; Beef jerky; Red bean hummus with veggie chips; Skewered steak, chicken and shrimp.

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Thu Jul 18th, 9:00pm
Fri Jul 19th, 3:00am

Stuffed French toast; Stuffed pork chops with bacon maple reduction; Berry best shortcake with lemon biscuits.

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Fri May 31st, 3:00am

Slow cooked roast beef po-boy, dressed with homemade mayonnaise; Fried oyster po-boy with blue cheese and buffalo sauce; French fry po-boy with gravy.

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