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Reflections Through Watercolor with Susan Tilton Picora

Reflections Through Watercolor with Susan Tilton Picora

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Susan begins her third series with a visit to South Hadley to capture the beauty of Brunelle's Marina, a full service marina located along the banks of the Connecticut River. On a perfect summer day, Susan managed to find a lone boat waiting for it?s turn on the river and decided that this simple image would make a great subject for this weeks painting.

In this week's episode of Reflections Through Watercolor with Susan Tilton Pecora, Susan visit's one of the more historic and interesting lighthouses on Cape Cod, Highland Light of North Truro. Originally built in 1797 and often referred to as Cape Cod light, Highland Light is the oldest lighthouse on the Cape. Through the years severe weather conditions and erosion have forced Highland light to be rebuilt and moved, but there's no doubt about it's importance and beauty to sea faring vessels.

Susan travel's to the Berkshires to paint at Naumkeag, famous for its terraced gardens, outdoor rooms and beautiful shingle style home.

Susan captures the beauty of "years gone by" as she paints a wonderfully restored train station now known as The Steaming Tender Drive In Restaurant in Palmer, Mass.

Susan puts the finishing touches on her impression of the Steaming Tender Drive-In Restaurant in Palmer, Mass. Last week, Susan shared how she approaches a subject, some drawing techniques and began the painting. This week, Susan adds every little detail and you?ll be amazed at her ability to capture an environment and bring it to life through watercolor.

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