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Once upon a time, millions of bison thundered through the wild of North America. But by the 1880's, they were nearly wiped out due to overhunting. Today, bison have made a comeback - not in the wild - but on ranches throughout the country. Bison meat has been touted as a less-fatty beef alternative - and has a flavor that many say is similar to beef, but perhaps just a little sweeter. On this episode of Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe as we visit Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch outside of Fredericksburg, Iowa.

On this episode, blackberries and chocolate are the perfect match as Chef Melissa Friedhof from the famous Ross's Restaurant in Bettendorf, Iowa bakes a dreamy bundt cake enriched with blackberries. The hardworking folks at Berry Fresh Farms in Adel, Iowa will also show us how to nurture blackberry bushes to make them ripe for the picking.

Antioxident-rich, low in fat, and downright scrumptious, blueberries are the ideal treat. On her search for distinctive Iowa foods, host Charity Nebbe explores how blueberries are grown and used. Join her in Nevada, Iowa where she visits The Berry Patch. Afterwards Charity joins Chef Walter Jahncke in the kitchen to sample some delicious blueberry treats. Finally, Napa Valley isn't the only place in the U. S. making wine these days. Learn about the growth of winemaking in Iowa.

Broccoli has landed on the top ten list of Americans' favorite veggies! Check out how Northern Ridge Berry Farm in Oxford, Iowa keeps freshly picked broccoli in the hands of eager consumers. Chef David Baruthio joins host Charity Nebbe in our studio kitchen to create a couple of gorgeous dishes with broccoli as the main ingredient. And The Compost Ninja is a unique Iowa company offering an easy way to create compost from leftover food scraps.

It may not surprise you to hear that several years ago, Brussels sprouts were said to be one of the most-hated vegetables in America. But this Barbie-sized cabbage is actually just misunderstood. It can be grown most anywhere and if cooked properly, such as roasting, stir frying, steaming or even boiling - this veggie can be incredibly flavorful. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe as we visit Bloomin' Wooly Acres in Nashua, Iowa to learn what's involved in growing Brussels sprouts.

Pickled, steamed, stewed, sauteed, or even raw, cabbage is no stranger to unique ways of being prepared. On this episode we'll visit Morning Glory Farm in Mount Vernon, IA to learn some secrets to growing cabbage. Then chef Julie Schoenherr from SoHo American Kitchen in Sioux City, IA will join us in the kitchen to put a creative twist on some recipes using cabbage.

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