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Vitamin packed and nutrient-dense, kale is becoming THE superfood in America. But what do you do with it? On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe on her culinary tour of Iowa-grown foods as she visits a family farm outside of Dike to learn more about kale's superstar status. Then Chef Tag Grandgeorge, from Des Moines, stops by our studio kitchen to share some innovative ways to cook with this leafy green.

Acclaimed by cheese experts and foodies as one of America's finest blue cheeses, Maytag blue cheese is indeed one of the world's greatest culinary pleasures. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe on a visit to Maytag Dairy Farm in Newton, Iowa to peek in on some secrets to producing this world renowned cheese. Then Chef Daniel Knowles from Iowa City shares his secret to cooking dishes that enhance the creamy, distinct flavor of Maytag blue cheese. Plus, tailgating at an Iowa vs. Iowa State football game isn't just about camaraderie and team spirit - food is also a popular component!

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Mon May 6th, 8:30am
Mon May 6th, 2:30pm

The mushroom is an ingredient that comes in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe as she explores the varied world of mushrooms. Visit Mushroom Mills outside of Columbus Junction to see how one grower is creating a booming mushroom business. Then Des Moines Chef Suman Hoque serves up some unexpected ways to cook with this flavorful fungus.

From sweet and mellow to blistering hot, peppers take on a range of flavors. They're easy to grow in Iowa's fertile soil; you can freeze them, can them, and they can be used in a variety of recipes. On this episode of Iowa Ingredient, host Charity Nebbe explores the world of peppers. She'll visit a farm northwest of Cumming, Iowa and learn the art of roasting chile peppers. Des Moines Chef Lisa LaValle also joins Charity in the studio kitchen to share pepper preparing techniques and recipes.

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Mon Jun 17th, 8:30am
Mon Jun 17th, 2:30pm

Plums are delightful to eat freshly picked from the tree. But as Iowa Chef Tom Skold shows us in our studio kitchen, plums are also a lovely surprise ingredient in main dishes and iced desserts. Plus, host Charity Nebbe discovers some secrets to properly propagating plums when we visit Upstream Gardens in Altoona, Iowa. And we'll discover an inspiring project called "Look, Cook, and Eat!", a culinary tool for folks with special needs.

An ingredient that's not just for Popeye anymore, spinach is loaded with green goodness. Join host Charity Nebbe on her adventure to learn more about this leafy super-food. Visit Annie's Gardens and Greens in Fort Atkinson, Iowa to learn how spinach is not only readily available, but also easily grown. Chef Blake Landau cooks up a couple of delightful spinach dishes. And several central Iowa volunteer groups partner to plant a mile of produce at the Rinehart's Family Farm near Ogden, Iowa.

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