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Just outside of Grinnell, Iowa, Middle Way Farm tops the charts in growing impressively-sized, and flavorful, sweet potatoes. Learn how they do it. And Chef Walter Jahncke joins host Charity Nebbe in our studio kitchen to prepare two unforgettable sweet potato recipes: a sweet potato burrito, and a sweet potato creme brulee! Plus, the Elliott Test Kitchen in Fort Madison, Iowa combines homework and cooking skills in a clever after school program.

As one of the home garden's most prolific produce items, zucchini challenges us to find new and tasty ways to include it in our meals. On this episode, we beat zucchini at its own game when Chef Katy Meyer wows us with zucchini's versatility in a variety of recipes. We'll also learn some zucchini growing tips, and some life lessons too, from a dedicated farmer at Patchwork Green Farms in Decorah, Iowa. And Iowa has a brilliant chocolatier creating amazing treats at The Chocolate Season in Algona, Iowa. Her creations are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds.

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