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Dw Global 3000

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Displacement is the focus of this week's Global 3000. Almost 70 million people around the world are fleeing violence, natural disasters and hunger. We head to Mali, Japan and Colombia to find out how refugees there are coping.

Homosexuals face the death penalty in 11 countries worldwide. Now Uganda could also introduce capital punishment for gay sex. We talk to a Ugandan sex worker and an LGBT activist. Plus: The construction boom in Maldives' marine paradise.

Home alone - Japan's growing numbers of modern-day hermits, the so-called "hikikomori". Also: why Rwandan farmers' greatest fear is heavy rain. Plus: this week's Global Snack is fish and chips, the most British of all fast foods.

Brazil remains one of the world's deadliest places for women. Also: The changing role of women in conflict-ridden Nagorno-Karabakh. Plus: We look at green developments in India and China.

What will students of the future need to know, and how can they best learn it? The focus of this week's Global 3000 is on education - not just in school, but in medicine and the environment. Because you never stop learning.

Harassment and sexual violence are commonplace for many women around the world. We report from Japan and Kenya. Also: In India a billionaire industrialist's daughter provides microfinance to poor women, and in Chile the sun is a curse and a blessing.

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