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DW Focus On Europe

DW Focus On Europe

With Focus on Europe, DW has developed a new program that adds a more personal touch to the issues affecting people across the continent. The weekly magazine which replaced European Journal in October 2014 provides audiences an inside perspective on the diversity of people, places, conflicts and coexistence that define Europe. Focus on Europe presents genuine stories about the lives of real people - from the Polish blacksmith to the Finnish air traffic controller, from a British businessman to a Turkish women's activist. Reporters file their stories from all over the continent and special editions are devoted to a particular country or event. Focus on Europe will continue to attract audiences with up close, visually powerful, exciting and balanced profiles and reporting. Like its predecessor, this new series is a must see for everyone who wants to be an expert on Europe.

Latest Episodes

Spaniards are worried the far-right Vox party could bring the spirit of Francisco Franco back to parliament. We meet a young Iraqi who risked his life to come to Britain. But a looming Brexit has changed the country.

Death Metal against populism in Poland. Spain's Galgos, or Spanish greyhounds, are often abandoned once the hunting season ends

On the Irish border, fears are growing that Brexit could lead to a rise in crime and violence. A train carrying tanks and weapons captured in Syria is touring Russia to boost support for the country's intervention in the Syrian Civil War.

European investigators are on the hunt for Syrian torturers. In Ukraine, more and more women are becoming surrogate mothers for foreign couples

Our special devoted to the 2019 European Parliamentary elections comes to you from Strasbourg - the seat of the EU Parliament. Given that many anti-EU parties are running, the vote could alter the course of European politics.

He's been dubbed Romania's most powerful politician. Now Liviu Dragnea has been sent to prison. The death of a whale off Norway triggers a huge environmental campaign against plastic waste.

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