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Classical Stretch: By Essentrics

Classical Stretch: By Essentrics

Created, produced and hosted by former professional ballerina Miranda Esmonde-White, the continuing series CLASSICAL STRETCH: BY ESSENTRICS helps people of all ages and fitness levels rebalance their bodies, increase mobility and keep joints healthy and pain-free. Based on the fitness technique Essentrics, developed by Miranda, each 30-minute episode features a full-body workout with dynamic strengthening and stretching exercises: all-standing, all-floor or all-barre. In CLASSICAL STRETCH: BY ESSENTRICS XI, participants will notice an immediate increase in flexibility and a release of tension in their muscles after each episode-improving their posture and range of motion. Stress is released and aches and pains are soothed through the gradual unlocking of the entire body.

Latest Episodes

Relieve arthritis pain throughout your entire body with Miranda Esmonde-White. This Classical Stretch Workout lubricates all of your joints and strengthens every muscle to help relieve the pain associated with arthritis.

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Sat May 2nd, 6:00am
Sun May 3rd, 8:00am

This beginner's workout is perfect for relieving back pain. Join Miranda Esmonde-White for a standing and barre workout that loosens and liberates your entire back, leaving your pain free.

In this episode of Classical Stretch, join Miranda Esmonde-White at the beaches in Mexico. This workout focuses on your back and core, helping to relieve and prevent back pain.

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Sun Mar 22nd, 6:30am
Sat Mar 28th, 6:00am
Sun Mar 29th, 8:00am

In this episode of Classical Stretch, join Miranda Esmonde-White at the Kantun Chi Eco Park. This all-standing workout is designed to strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis.

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Sat Mar 21st, 6:00am
Sun Mar 22nd, 8:00am

In this episode of Classical Stretch, join Miranda Esmonde-White by the spa pool in beautiful Mexico. In this entry level standing and barre workout, Miranda will lead you through a series of exercises that will leave you feeling energized.

Join Miranda Esmonde-White for this full-body flexibility workout in a peaceful garden to stretch all of your muscles and help you move comfortably in every direction.

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